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Hi!! Welcome to Coffee Cardio Goddess a blog by a girl that loves everything from Starbucks, healthy eats, and a good workout, to fashion and a good book.

When Im not working out and attempting to cook and bake, you can find me spending quality time with my husband and our three little dogs Marty and Bella the dachshund’s and Odie the poodle.  Together we make what I like to think is an adorable little family.

We currently reside in Corpus Christi, Tx, but will soon be moving to Scottsdale, Az for my husband to join his dad’s landscaping company.  I’m excited, but also nervous for the move.  I am someone that enjoys a change of scenery, but usually that just involve’s a new apartment, not state.  Then again I did orginally grow up in Columbus, OH and made a huge leap to warm and Sunny Texas when I graduated from high school in 2005.  I’m not really meant for a cold climate.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about myself or Fritz and our doggies!!

I really enjoy reading each and every comment you all leave for me and am happy to leave you a reply! Thanks sooo much for checking out my blog!


Our Trip to the Bahamas May 2011


Fritz and I’s wedding anniversary falls on May 18th. Unfortunately we left the Bahamas on May 17th:(  Bummer.  This year he planned a suprise vacation for us as a Christmas gift to Cozumel and we will be there during our wedding anniversary and I am soo excited!! We leave May 15th!! The day is drawing closer and I will be sure to post lots of pics for you all:)

Tropical Island

Senor Frogs: An awesome Restaurant in the Bahamas

Our Hotel Pool

Getting ready to go on the Booze Cruise

Taken at Sunrise, we really liked to make the most of our days in the Bahamas!

Grand Canyon February 2011

In February of 2011 Fritz, his sister Alicia and I went to visit their dad in Scottsdale, Az and took a detour to the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately we never really got to see it because there was a blizzard!! We nearly got stuck there beyond the time we were supposed to stay and were a bit worried about missing our flight.  Luckily it all worked out and we got home safely, but boy was it freezing!! Maybe next year we will give it another go when its not so cold!!

Thats the Grand Canyon behind us!!

Inside our warm log cabin

Not so much a snow bunny haha

6th Street Austin, TX Halloween 2011

Every year we go to the famous 6th street in Austin for Halloween!! I am going to miss it for sure when we move to Arizona!! 6th street is an amazing time. I went there for my 21st birthday and oh boy was it fun! 6th street is a famous street in Austin, Tx that is nothing but bar after bar down the road.  Every single bar has been there forever and are tons of fun.  My favorites are Maggie Mae’s, Chuggin Monkey, The library and Dizzy Rooster.

Fritz and I “Who you gonna Call?”

Obviously we dressed as Ghostbusters, Fritz’s idea.  At first I wasn’t really into it, but once I tried the costume on I changed my mind! I think it was definately different and cool.

All the ladies (From Left to Right) Me, Alicia (Fritz’s Sister), and Alicia’s friends Kelly and Katy

Everyone had such cute costumes!! Fritz’s sister Alicia was a ninja turtle, which I loved!

Strike a Pose!

Halloween 2010 6th Street Austin, Tx

There are always some amazing and unique costumes to be found on 6th street for Halloween.  We were able to snap some pics with a couple of awesomely dresseed people.

It looked like he was holding his own head!

They were supposed to be people taking a shower

I loved this Beaker costume

For this Halloween, Fritz and I were Harley Quinn and Batman.  The character’s aren’t exactly a couple, since Harley Quinn is the joker’s girlfriend and Batman and the Joker are enemies, but Fritz didn’t want to be the joker and I fell in love with this costume, therefore this was as close as we could get to matching.

Goofy Boy

Alicia and her Fiance Jay dressed as Adam and Eve and were totally adorable.  Alicia even made Jay’s costume for him!!

Cozumel May 2012

This trip was simply amazing!! I loved everything about it and I Fritz and I already agreed we will definately be going back to Cozumel again.  The hotel staff were all so frendly, we just truly had a wonderful time.  I still want to post some pictures from Senor Frog’s because we did end up getting to go there!! I have them on my camera though so I need to upload them at some point.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Hotel Pool

Gorgeous Sunset

Laying out in Paradise

Leaving the dock on our boat to go snorkeling

How pretty is that water?

The tallest Palm Tree’s ever

Hotty Hubby

I really loved the bar swings

Look for more pictures from our Senor Frog’s visit in Cozumel soon!!



15 Responses to About Me / Travel

  1. Tara says:

    hey, I think I read in one of your posts you want to be a writer…that’s so wonderful (me too)…are you writing now? what do you work as? etc..
    I find myself being unfocused and unproductive…so right now i’m more of a dreamer…have to fix that obviously 🙂
    you can email me if you can, thanks.

  2. Tara says:

    hi, wondered if you can email me? would love to ask you a couple questions. Thanks.

  3. Emily says:

    I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I want to eat every food I’ve seen so far!

  4. I lived in Hilliard, Ohio for five years when my dad was transferred for work, and now I live in Indiana…but my friend lives in Arizona and loves it — the sunshine seems nice!

  5. Alicia says:

    Awww love all ur new travel info. Also that last picture of you in the Bahamas with the red tank on is a really gorgeous pic of u:) love you seesssster!!! Great blog

  6. Carolyn says:

    Hi Krystal! Your first paragraph tells me we would get along fabulously. I found your blog through the AZ Bloggers Network, I look forward to meeting you at an uncoming event. Welcome (soon to be) to sunny Arizona!

    • Hi Carolyn thanks for stopping by my Blog!! I hope to meet you at an Arizona Blogger meet up very soon!! My move to Arizona is even sooner then I thought, the last week of June now. I’m excited.

  7. Ellie says:

    woww those tropical views are beautiful! And it seems like you’ve had many fun adventures thus far 😀

  8. Hello Krystal, i was recently awared the Liebster Award and I would like to pass it on to you. All of the information is posted on my blog at http://www.healthfulmindbodyandsoul.com

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