Book Review: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens


Omg I recently finished Still Missing by Chevy Stevens and oh boy was it amazing. I have been hardcore into reading dystopian novel’s lately and I almost forgot how good a regular book can be. This was most definately a page turner and I literally never wanted to put it down! My review doesn’t give any spoiler’s away so feel free to read on and decide if it is a book you yourself would enjoy.
The story is about a 32 year old realtor who is abducted when leaving an open house.  She is held captive for a year in a remote cabin until the day she is finally able to escape. The book is all about her describing what happened to her over the course of that year, to her shrink.
The book kept me on edge the entire time, but I will warn you that some parts are a bit graphic because she does describe being raped quite often. I don’t get sqeamish easily so I didn’t mind those parts of the story, but I know other’s might.
The story goes on to describe her life after she returns home and how she is dealing with everything she experienced. Towards the end of the novel, the story take’s an unexpected turn and actually has an interesting little twist to it which only made the book that much better.
I highly recommend this novel and I can’t wait to read Chevy Steven’s next novel Never Knowing. I’m on the waitlist for it at the library now.
Well have a great Tuesday everyone!
– What is the latest book you have been reading?
-If you have read Still Missing what were your overall thoughts?


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2 Responses to Book Review: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

  1. I’m reviewing this book this evening (I missed the posting deadline for Julie’s blog). I didn’t like it quite as much as you, but it was super interesting!

  2. Uh I haven’t read a book in two months!! But the latest I read is The Good Psychologist, and loved it!

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