Book Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver


I finished reading the sequel to Delirium by Lauren Oliver the other night called Pandemonium. My review does not reveal to much, I will not give away the ending, but if you feel more comfortable not knowing anything at all I suggest not reading my review.


Pandemonium takes place after Lena has crossed over into The Wild’s. Without Alex with her, she must learn to adjust to life alone and away from the life she once knew.
I really enjoyed the way the book was layed out going back and forth each chapter from the past to the present. It made the book really interesting and I enjoyed seeing Lena as two different people essentially. The person she became after a year and a half in The Wild’s and the person she was right when she arrived in the Wild’s and her struggle in adjusting to a new way of life.
I enjoyed her relationship with Julian and the way it developed. It wasn’t as romantic as her time with Alex of course, but it was still enjoyable to read all the same.
Now what got me the most about this book was the incredible jaw dropping ending. Where Delirium’s ending left me upset and dissapointed, Pandemonium made up for that about ten fold. I simply can not wait to read the third book because the ending of Pandemonium truly left me wanting more.
If you did not enjoy Delirium because of the ending I recommend giving a Pandemonium a try. It is better overall then Delirium and I am glad I read it afterall because I originally wasn’t planning on it.
The book I am currently reading is the book club pick from Julie’s site and I can seriously not put it down.

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Get it now. It’s truly a page turner. I started reading it yesterday and am already nearly finished so be on the look out for my review soon.

-If you read Delirium what were your thoughts?
-If you read Pandemonium what did you think?


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