Thursday Fav’s ( New Love’s )

Happy Thursday love’s!

This week there a few new things I’m loving.
Starbucks Happy Hour!

I took advantage of Starbucks 1/2 Price Frappuchino Happy Hour yesterday and treated myself to a Mocha Coconut Light Frappuchino.
These things are delicious! You even get coconut flakes on the top. Yum:)
You all know my love for Sbux and I will be taking full advantage of the happy hour which is running until the 14th from 3-5p.m each day.
Hey Starbucks I’ll take free skinny peppermint mocha’s for life for pimping you all out! Haha in my dreams right? No seriously, that would be a dream of mine.:)

My new nightgown!

I die for anything Betsey Johnson because her clothes and accesories are totally adorable! I saw this nightgown at Marshall’s yesterday and couldn’t pass is up. $19.99 for something that retails for $70? Sign me up!
The material feels amazing and its just so darn cute! Ironically I went searching for cute pj’s that I could where to breakfast at our hotel in Cozumel next week, but ended up buying this which is seethrough and therefore will not be worn to the buffet for obvious reason’s. None the less I adore it!
Lauren Conrad’s New Book

I’m currently reading The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad. Now don’t judge her as an author until you read her books. If you at all liked The Hill’s you will find these books quite interesting. This is her fourth book and it is the start of a new series of book’s that she wrote based on a character from the previous three. I’m on page 85 so far and like it just as much as her others. She is a good writer and it is a quick and easy read.
Chobani Yogurt

I have been really getting into greek yogurt more ever since I began my blog. I actually had never tried Chobani before, but kept noticing it popping up on various blogs I was reading. I have tried a few flavors so far, but not all. The apple cinnamon is definately my favorite, but I tried strawberry banana yesterday and it comes in a close second. I want to try the mango next:) since Tessa mentioned it in her post yesterday.
Acting like a kid again

Fritz and I have went to a park with swing’s twice this week and I loved getting to swing. That was always my favorite activity at the park when I was a child and I still enjoy it to this day. The park even had a tire swing and Fritz spun me around on it super fast. That is seriously just as fun as I remember too, but boy was I dizzy after! If you have a local park that you can get to this weekend go be a kid and swing! Sooo fun!

Have a great day everyone!
-What are some of your favorite thing’s this week?
-When is the last time you swung on a swing?


About coffeecardiogoddess

Hi! I am a 24 year old fun spirited girl living in corpus christi, tx with my husband and our three adorable dogs, marty and bella the dachshunds and odie the poodle. I am obsessed with starbucks and visit religiously, its like my own personal cheers "where everybody knows your name" corny cheers theme song. I love to experiment and try making new healthy recipes to enjoy. I live by the mantra you are what you eat and try my best to keep my body fueled with only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Not that i wont turn down dessert, like ever!! I try to maintain a balanced life by eating healthy while enjoying tasty treats and working out. I hope you enjoy reading the chronicals of my everyday life.
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3 Responses to Thursday Fav’s ( New Love’s )

  1. That nightgown is ridiculously cute. I’d be tempted to throw it on with a belt and jean jacket and see if I could get away with it as an actual dress.

  2. Loving that nightgown! Makes me feel like a bum because I sleep in shorts and a baggie t shirt!

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