Workouts and Weightgain

So many of you may have read my weightloss journey and know some of what I’ve been dealing with as far as my weight goes. I have been working hard to gain weight in a healthy way that I feel comfortable with and is not going to scare me into reverting back to my restrictive eating ways.
I am proud to say I have gained a few pounds and feel confident that I will eventually achieve a weight that is healthy for my body type. I have found foods that are healthy fats that I enjoy to eat on a daily basis, that don’t make me feel guilty or like I’m simply just gaining unhealthy fats.
Peanut butter is now a staple in my pantry. I can’t get enough! Now that I discovered Peanut butter & Co. Peanut butter I’m in love!



I’ve been experimenting with these peanutbutters a lot over the past 2 months, but I’ve found my ultimate favorite combination is pb on a bagel thin with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. I eat this pretty much daily.


As far as fitness goes, even though I’m trying to gain weight, I feel like it is important to keep fitness in my life because not only is it something I genuinely enjoy, I want to stay toned and not allow the fat I’m putting on turn to turn to flab. I know to many that may sound silly, but this is a real concern for me.
I have drastically cut back on my workout regimen already. I used to be a major runner. Running anywhere from 5 miles a day. I no longer run, but I do enjoy strength training and pilates and yoga very much. I mainly do pilates videos that I find on Netflix such as Crunch.


I feel like the progress I have made so far may not seem like much to most, but to me it’s a lot. Time will tell, but I know that I’m trying to be as healthy as I can be.
I’m also enjoying lots of Peanut Butter and Frozen Yogurt along the way;)
Have a great night everyone!


About coffeecardiogoddess

Hi! I am a 24 year old fun spirited girl living in corpus christi, tx with my husband and our three adorable dogs, marty and bella the dachshunds and odie the poodle. I am obsessed with starbucks and visit religiously, its like my own personal cheers "where everybody knows your name" corny cheers theme song. I love to experiment and try making new healthy recipes to enjoy. I live by the mantra you are what you eat and try my best to keep my body fueled with only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Not that i wont turn down dessert, like ever!! I try to maintain a balanced life by eating healthy while enjoying tasty treats and working out. I hope you enjoy reading the chronicals of my everyday life.
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8 Responses to Workouts and Weightgain

  1. Becca says:

    Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!! I LOVE the dark chocolate flavor peanut butter. Yum 🙂

  2. Brittany says:

    Congrats on gaining weight! I know it is mentally tough. I’m right there with ya! I’m up a few pounds too. At first I missed running and HIIT workouts, but now I’m loving pilates and walking!

  3. Good for you girl! Just remember it is all worth it! You only get one body and you have to honor, love, and respect it!!

    LOVE the mighty maple flavor one too, ever had that one?!

    • I have heard of mighty maple! I totally need to try it, but I cant find it in any stores near me. I’m moving to Arizona in July so hopefully there will be some good stores. Like maybe trader joe’s. Ok now i need to look up if there is a trader joe’s in scottsdale. Haha

  4. Cheryl Moyer says:

    Where do you get the flavored peanut butter?
    Is it at trader joes’s? I love pb. I am glad to hear
    you gained a few pounds. I on the other hand
    have to watch I don’t eat too much fat
    especially at night. I gain weight very easily.
    I also enjoy Pilates and kick boxing at the YMCA.

    • The PB can for sure be found at Trader Joes. There isn’t one where we currently live, but we are moving to Arizona in a few months and there is one there. Target also sells the White Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate ones, atleast my Target does. But if you have a trader joes try there.

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