WIAW: what I ate wednesday(tuesday technically) 1st post

This is my first WIAW post. I was intrigued by the concept and I like this month’s pledge to serve up an extra cup of veggies. Im always down for the green! So here it goes:



Bowl of cacadian farm organic dark chocolate almond granola with strawberries, bananas and unsweetened almond breeze.



A salad of my own creation. Spinach, fuji apple, dried cranberries, carrots and a torn up piece of ham drizzled with my favorite Strawberry Balsamic Dressing

Thomas cinnamon raisin bagel thin with cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, topped with banana, cinnamon and honey, with a side of sliced apple drizzled with honey


I was feeling that fried egg and ham bagelwich from last night so I decided to go with that again with a healthier side of carrots instead of pasta.  Delish!!


100 calories of mocha goodness

I actually ate two of these little babies because they are sooo good and my goodness only a 100 calories.  Since Im attempting to gain weight I figured that it wouldnt hurt. Skinnycow is my favorite icecream brand and she just came out with these amazing little jems.  Mocha truffle bars!! I personally take them off the stick. I can not stand the taste of cardboard!! and enjoy the icecream in a bowl with a fork.  Hello awesomeness!!

P.S As far as beverages go I only drink water unless Im in the mood for coffee and today I was not.  Most days though I am. I am coffeecardiogoddess after all:)

There it is folks, My first WIAW.  Please let me know if you enjoy this and leave a comment of love below!! I appreciate it!! Have a great day!


About coffeecardiogoddess

Hi! I am a 24 year old fun spirited girl living in corpus christi, tx with my husband and our three adorable dogs, marty and bella the dachshunds and odie the poodle. I am obsessed with starbucks and visit religiously, its like my own personal cheers "where everybody knows your name" corny cheers theme song. I love to experiment and try making new healthy recipes to enjoy. I live by the mantra you are what you eat and try my best to keep my body fueled with only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Not that i wont turn down dessert, like ever!! I try to maintain a balanced life by eating healthy while enjoying tasty treats and working out. I hope you enjoy reading the chronicals of my everyday life.
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4 Responses to WIAW: what I ate wednesday(tuesday technically) 1st post

  1. Becca says:

    That ice cream bar looks fantastic! I just read about your love of Starbucks! I’m right there with you.. LOVE coffee 🙂

  2. That salad looks delish! Also, I went back and read about your pups – how adorable are they??

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