Cheesy Tuna mushroom pasta 100 calories? What!!


That right there is some delicious pasta.  You have been intrigued by my headline that its only a 100 calories.  Well im here to tell you, you read that correctly.  100. Not 1000 like most pasta dishes.  This is something that even my husband Fritz enjoys and thats saying a lot since he isnt big on health food. 
The amazing thing is how crazy easy it is to make all you need is:
1 can of your favorite type of tuna
Mushrooms sliced
Onion sliced small
A bag of these babies


40 calories and fabulous!!

Only 40 calories for this entire bag of noodles! Crazy right? You can find these at a whole foods type store, I dont have a whole foods near me but I do have something similar.
You will also need 1 or 2 wedges of these


You can use any flavor you like, these are just the ones I had on hand. I like all of the flavors though!!
To make the noodles:
1.Drain the water from the bag and rinse them in the sink. They do have a fishy smell to them, but you wont taste it. Once they are somewhat dry microwave them in a bowl for 1 minute.
2.Meanwhile in a nonstick pan on the stove, cook your onions and mushrooms until they have browned.
3. Take the noodles out of the microwave and use more papertowels to dry them again.
4. Drain your can of tuna and add it to the noodles
5. Break your cheese wedge into small pieces and place over tuna and noodles
6. Add mushrooms and onions to bowl
7. I also like to sprinkle rosemary or oregno in the bowl
8. Stir everything in the bowl and microwave for another minute.
9. Take the bowl out of the microwave and stir until cheese is evenly distributed throughout.
10. Dig in!!
This recipe is seriously good and satisfying. I make it all the time and really enjoy it!! Sometimes I use shrimp instead of tuna. Soo good
Let me know if you make this and how you like it!!


About coffeecardiogoddess

Hi! I am a 24 year old fun spirited girl living in corpus christi, tx with my husband and our three adorable dogs, marty and bella the dachshunds and odie the poodle. I am obsessed with starbucks and visit religiously, its like my own personal cheers "where everybody knows your name" corny cheers theme song. I love to experiment and try making new healthy recipes to enjoy. I live by the mantra you are what you eat and try my best to keep my body fueled with only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Not that i wont turn down dessert, like ever!! I try to maintain a balanced life by eating healthy while enjoying tasty treats and working out. I hope you enjoy reading the chronicals of my everyday life.
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3 Responses to Cheesy Tuna mushroom pasta 100 calories? What!!

  1. abznoats says:

    Oh my goodness! This sounds like something I would adore! Adding the stuff to my grocery list. 🙂

  2. Tell me about the Shirataki Noodles… is the smell as bad as I hear when they come out of the package? I’ve resisted buying for that reason. Let a girl know… 🙂

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