Froyo pit stop and 90s Pop

I had a craving for fro yo today. Once I get an idea in my head there is no stopping me.


I can never make up my mind what flavors i want so I always do two seperate layers of yogurt. The top layer is strawberry with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips and cherries drizzled with a bit of strawberry sauce.  On the bottom you would find chocolate fro yo with bits of butterfinger and reeses cups.  Total perfection.

Earlier today I decided an omelet was sounding pretty tasty so i whipped one up for breakfast.  Omelets are a favorite of mine and i find them to be quite easy to make.



1. To make my omelet I first start off by slicing up some onions and cremini mushrooms. I then saute them in a skillet until the mushrooms brown.
2. Meanwhile in a seperate larger skillet I set them temperature to medium and pour 3 1/4 cup servings of liquid eggwhites.
3.  Allow the egg whites to harden up a bit and use a spatula to form the edges.
4.  Place the mushrooms and onions on one side of the eggs.
5.  Next add in anyother additions to your omelet.  I added spinach, kraft fat free cheddar cheese and oregano.



6.  Use the spatula to flip one side of the eggs over the side containing your ingredients.
7.  Allow to cook for 1-2 minutes and then flip and cook 1-2 minutes more.
8.  Plate it up and enjoy!

I like having fresh fruit with my omelet as I feel they go well together.  What do you all enjoy in an omelet?

On another note, I was thinking yesterday how a certain song can vring back a memory. Especially songs that you havent heard forever.  I was listening to some old school pop music and a few of the songs brought up some great memories of the past.  I love old pop music, example Nsync, spice girls, Destinys Child, Tlc.  The list goes on and on.  Im sure all of you know what I mean when it comes to music connecting to memories, but whos with me on 90s pop music being awesome still? Spice girls for life!! Haha

Have a great day everyone!!


About coffeecardiogoddess

Hi! I am a 24 year old fun spirited girl living in corpus christi, tx with my husband and our three adorable dogs, marty and bella the dachshunds and odie the poodle. I am obsessed with starbucks and visit religiously, its like my own personal cheers "where everybody knows your name" corny cheers theme song. I love to experiment and try making new healthy recipes to enjoy. I live by the mantra you are what you eat and try my best to keep my body fueled with only the most fresh and natural ingredients. Not that i wont turn down dessert, like ever!! I try to maintain a balanced life by eating healthy while enjoying tasty treats and working out. I hope you enjoy reading the chronicals of my everyday life.
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