MIMM: Lieber Award

Hello my lovely blog readers!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
It’s time for Marvelous Monday hosted by Katie

I received a comment from a reader telling me she nominated me for a Lieber Award which is for new and upcoming bloggers.


I am so honored that she likes my blog and wanted to nominate me for this.

The rules are to write 11 random facts about yourself as well as answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you has asked.

I am also nominating 11 other blogs that are new to me.

So to start this Marvelous Monday off right, here are my 11 random facts.

1.  I am a huge book worm, I read daily.
2.  I have three adorable dogs that I am obsessed with. 2 dachshunds and a poodle.
3. I’m adopted.
4. I had open heart surgery when I was just 3 days old.
5. I’m going to school to be an elementary school teacher. Preferably the 3rd grade.
6. My favorite show of all time is
7. I am obsessed with bath&body works candles. I hoard them.
8. I must have my Starbucks coffee every morning. Bold with nonfat milk and pumpkin syrup.
9. I could eat ice cream everyday and never be sick of it. Breyer’s Oreo Birthday Blast is THE best!
10. I named my dachshund Marty after Marty Mcfly from back to the future because those movies are awesome.
11. I love listening to Disney music in my car and singing along. I have a Disney playlist on my phone.

I’m soooo bad at picking random facts about myself, but I hope you all enjoy!

Now for the questions Celeste asked me.
What inspired you to start your blog?

I have a love of healthy eating and fitness and I came across a few healthy living blogs that I ended up really liking which made me think it would be fun to have my own.

2. Do you use social media to promote your blog?

I post my blog posts to facebook and Twitter whenever I write a new post.

3. What is your favorite workout?

I enjoy yoga and pilates, but nothing beats dancing around in my living while watching an episode of Glee.

4. What is something other than your mobile phone you can’t leave home without?

I need my purse. It holds all of my junk that I think I need. I always carry my Michael Kors purse that my husband bought me.

5. What is your favorite T.V show/ Movie from childhood?

This one is tough. I loved so many shows and movies. The Little Mermaid and for television I’ll say The power puff girls because I owned a lot of stuff. I was obsessed. But there were soo many I enjoyed at different ages.

6. What is your favorite time of day?

In the morning when I don’t have anywhere to be and I can just sit on the couch, sip on my coffee and read a book.

7. What is one thing people would be suprised to know about you?

I’m really excited to teach kids, but I’m not so sure I want to have any kids of my own ever. I’m super selfish.

8. Who or What has influenced you life the most?

Definitely my husband. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. He is my everything.

9. What climate do you prefer, hot or cold?

Most definitely hot! I can’t stand to be cold. I’m from Ohio and I moved to Texas to get away from winter.

10. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Do I have anywhere I need to be getting ready to go to?

11. In what way has blogging changed you?

I’ve met some really sweet girl’s through blogging and it’s been a way for me to chronicle my daily life. I enjoy it.

So that was all of the questions! Thank you again to Celeste for nominating me!
Here are the blogs that I am nominating.

1. Jessica @http://prayersandapples.com
2. http://thefashionistafarmwife.wordpress.com
3. http://thelovelyride.wordpress.com
4. Jess@ http://jessfuel.com
5. http://bookishlyboisterous.blogspot.ca
6. Allie@ http://navelgazingblog.com
7. Brittany@ http://dulcevie.com
8. Angela@ healthsangel.wordpress.com
9. Jessie @ http://jessielovestorun.wordpress.com
10. Alisha@ http://alishasappetite.com
11. Mabelle @ http://dancelovedivine.blogspot.ca

Thanks again Celeste

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MIMM: Weekend Happenings

Hello lovely readers!

I have been MIA since last week but in all honesty my life has been pretty blah.  I started school on Wednesday and so far It seems like I’m going to enjoy all my classes, but we shall see.

It’s MIMM, so I figured its the perfect opportunity to share an update on the most marvelous thing happening in my life currently.


Yesterday, the hubby and I went by our house to check out the progress and I wanted to share those pictures with you.


My bathtub! It looks gross right now, but this is going to be an awesome master bathroom, I’m stoked.


This was taken inside the masterbath, and that big space through the frame is our master closet. Yay!


The living room, they have installed our fireplace, sweet.


This is something I’m pretty excited about, our living room ceiling is going to have a really cool design.


This is what our backyard currently looks like. Lovely right?


The last picture I snapped is from in the living room. That wood frame is the makings of our kitchen bar and the windows are at our dining room facing the backyard.

So that’s progress! I am getting more excited each week that passes. I can’t wait to move in.

Over the weekend I also finished Beautiful Creatures. 


I really enjoyed this book although it was on the long side, 563 pages.
I was able to pick up the second book, Beautiful Darknes at the library on Saturday, but when I started reading it I just wasn’t feeling it. I really like Beautiful Creatures as a stand alone novel. The story in my opinion isn’t strong enough for multiple novels.  I’m not saying I wont read the other ones, but I just wasn’t sooo into it that I just had to read the next one to see what happens next. I felt more compelled to read a book about different characters rather then read another book right away about Lena and Ethan, which are the main characters in Beautiful Creatures.

I still want to see the movie on Valentine’s Day because like I said I did in fact enjoy the book.  I just needed a change in pace for a bit.

So instead I found myself picking up the other book I got from the library on Saturday.  Omg, this book sucked me in! I read sooo much yesterday its crazy. I will most definitely finish this book today and its 435 pages long.
Oh yes, the title? Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. It’s a bit different then other books I’ve read, that’s probably why I’m enjoying it so much.


The story centers around Clara, who is an angel-blood, meaning she is part angel. The novel follows her life as she discovers her purpose and what she as an angel must fufill.  It’s not a religious book in anyway. It’s a young adult novel and just has a story that intrigued me. I found out there are two more books and I definitely want them!  The library doesn’t carry either of them so I’ll have to buy.  No worries, this book is definitely worth it. Highly recommend!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous week if I fail to write again.

-Anyone read a good book lately?

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MIMM: Book Worm

Happy Monday blog readers!

How was everyones weekend?

Mine was filled with a whole lot of reading and I loved every moment.


Today is Marvelous in my Monday hosted by the lovely Katie.

I wanted to take the time to share with all of you the books I’ve read so far this year.  I recommend all of them and hope this inspires you to read a book this week.

I set a new year’s goal for myself to read a book for every week of the year in 2013. So far I am on track to meet this goal, but with school starting on Wednesday we shall see how that goes.

The first book I read in 2013 was given to me as a Christmas gift from my sister. One of my favorite authors is Sophie Kinsella and this book is supposed to be written in the same style with similar humor.


I will say I enjoyed the book, but it did take me a while to read it despite how shirt it is, 215 pages.  It’s not very well written and this author doesn’t hold a candle near Sophie Kinsella.
I did think it was an overall cute book and I enjoyed it though. 


This next book I literally could not put down and I’m already anxiously awaiting the April release of the sequel novel.  The Selection is a dystopian style novel about a future world where the United States no longer exists and is now known as Illea and is run by a king and queen.  The prince chooses his wife by having a televised show a la The Bachelor, where he narrows it down to his wife from 35 girls.  The story centers around America, a girl who had no interest in being the The Selection,  but was chosen none the less because of her beauty.  I couldn’t get enough of this book and The next one called The Elite will be released in April.
Highly Recommend!


I picked this book up from the library when I saw the December book club pick from http://pbfingers.com.  I had to wait to get it though and only just read it over the weekend. Another excellent book that I couldn’t put down.  The book follows Alice, a woman whose lost the memory of the last ten years of her life and must try and figure out what went wrong in her marriage and how she became the person she is today.  I loved the concept of this book because it reminded me of my favorite Sophie Kinsella book called Remember Me? Such a hilarious and witty book, I highly recommend it.
Although What Alice Forgot isn’t as humorous as Remember Me?, it still kept me reading and wanting to know more about Alice and the past ten years of her life.


The next book I purchased from Amazon because I knew I would love it and I was absolutely right.
I enjoy the pretty little liars series and this is a prequel novel told from Allison’s perspective. You discover how exactly she was murdered and what was going through her head towards the end of her life. I also enjoyed how you got to know the real Allison and what she really thought of her friends.
Highly Recommend,  If you like Pretty Little Liars.  Warning: Do not read this book if you haven’t read the first nine Pretty Little Liars books because it does tell you who really killed Allison and that is not revealed until the PLL book titled Wanted.


I purchased this book from Amazon Kindle for my phone because it was only 3.50. However, even though I knew it was a Novella I had no idea it was going to be sooo short! I should have looked before buying it because it was only 80 pages. No wonder it was so cheap. I read it in less then a day of course and it left me wanting more. It was a big tease. I enjoyed it, but I wish it was longer.
This was another prequel book, but for a different series called The Lying Game which is written by the same author who writes Pretty Little Liars.
I recommend reading The Lying Game books and save your money on this Novella. 


I’m now presently reading Beautiful Creatures which I picked up at Barnes and Noble this morning after reading a 30 page sample last night on my Amazon Kindle and getting sucked in.
It’s a long book and I’d rather have a physical copy then read it on my phone because I’m old fashion like that.
I really want to go see the movie on Valentine’s Day, but I have to read any books that are turned into movies before seeing the movie, otherwise I will most likely never read the book.
I’m on page 57 so far and it is definitely interesting.

-What is the most recent book you’ve read?
-Any recommendations for me?

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Samoas, Tag-a-Longs & Thin Mints, Oh My!

Hello lovely blog readers!!

How is everyone’s week been so far?

Mine was great, until last night.

I got a little tickle in my throat around 9 p.m

And then it all went to hell. I woke up multiple times through out the night and each time I did, my throat felt 10 times worse.

Today I can’t even talk above a whisper and that’s pushing it. My throat hurts sooo bad!

As of now, I physically feel fine besides my throat, but the hubby fears more symptoms will begin appearing soon.

On a happier note, yesterday before my throat began to torture me. A coworker picked up an order of girl scout cookies for me!


All of my favorites! 

Now I have a bone to pick with the girl scouts.
Why did they go and change the names and box’s on the cookies?
I loved the name Samoas and Tag a Longs. Now known as Caramel delights and Peanut Butter Patties.
If you ask me those names are a bit too obvious.
I felt like the unique names that those cookies previously had were much better and I will continue to call them by those names.
Thin Mints are still the same, but their name was already pretty obvious. ( Btw I love freezing these and eating them super cold)

Maybe girl scouts decided future generations wouldn’t understand the old names. But I feel like thats the point!
They are girl scout cookies and those were their names!!

That would be like if Cougartown gave up on their crappy name for the show, which has nothing to do with the concept of the show like they really wanted to.
But did they? No, Cougartown kept the name because that is what they originally named the show, and although it makes no sense, that’s the name they picked so they stuck with it.

That’s the end of my little rant. Wow this was all over the place, sorry!

Do you agree that Girl Scouts should never have changed the names of two of their most famous cookies?
-Whats your all time favorite girl scout cookie? ( Mine is Samoas! “Caramel Delights”)

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MIMM: Best Idea Ever

Hello lovely Blog readers!!

It’s Monday! Where did the weekend go? It went too fast that’s where.

Well no worries because I am excited to share my genius idea that I formed and have executed over the last few days with all of you. I figured Marvelous in my Monday hosted by the lovely Katie was the perfect way to do just that.

When I first found out that Starbucks was out of pumpkin sauce for the season, the news was frankly quite devastating to hear.  I am borderline obsessed with their pumpkin sauce and the minute the barista told me I was already wondering how I was going to survive until September without it.

So being the evil genius that I am, I began to research online where to purchase some delicious pumpkin sauce of my own.

To my excitement, I discovered you can actually purchase the exact pumpkin sauce Starbucks uses. They sell it on their own website!!

To my sadness however, it is seasonal on the website as well and was not available for purchase.
I was bummed once again.

I was not willing to go without my precious sauce though and continued my search.

To my amazement I found a different pumpkin sauce and the reviews all claimed it tastes just like the one Starbucks uses. The Holy Grail!!


My Savior

I bought myself the 64oz. bottle with the hope that it would live up to the hype I was already creating in my head.

The same day my sauce arrived in the mail, I discovered that Starbucks now offers reusable cups in the grande size. This worked to my advantage because I can now put my pumpkin sauce in the bottom of my cup and take it with me to Starbucks. I can then hand them the cup and they can make my misto just the way I like it!


Pumpkin Sauce and all!

Technically I no longer need the service of Starbucks now that I have my own bottle of happiness and Starbucks K-cups.


However, I have come to love the staff at Starbucks.  They are so friendly and are always so upbeat and talkative. I enjoy the atmosphere at Starbucks.
I can’t explain, but it’s very calming to me. 

I did make my own Starbucks drink at home this morning because it was really cold out and I had no desire to drive anywhere, haha.

I am ecstatic that I discovered that pumpkin sauce online and am happy knowing I can now enjoy delicious pumpkin coffee all year.  I even ordered a pump for the bottle online to make it easier for dispensing that I’m still waiting to arrive. For now I’ve beem measuring out 2tablespoons to use in a 16oz drink.

-Let me know what you think of my genius plan:)

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Imaginary Stories in my Head…..

Hello lovely Blog reader’s!! How was everyones week?

I have an interesting story to tell you today because I thought it was too awesome not to share.  It has nothing to do with anything besides that I wanted to write about it and this is basically like my online journal.

I can sometimes have a very vivid imagination.  I suppose it’s from all of the books I constantly read.  I often have elaborate dreams and can remember them the following day. 

Last night my husband and I were laying in bed and he was saying he slept horribly the previous night because he had too many dreams. 
I confessed I generally enjoy my dreams and tend to dream about whatever I was last thinking about before I fall asleep.

I rarely have bad dreams except when I am thinking about really scary characters from movies, ie, Chucky, Girl from The Ring, etc.
I made the mistake of listing those off to him outloud though and then realized they were now in my head. As a defense mechanism to not dream about those scary things, my brain quickly came up with something much more enjoyable to think about and I began to describe the following scenario to Fritz in order to get my mind off of horror movie characters. 


Everyone loves the game Candyland right?  Yes! It is basically the most awesome game when you are five. Well I came up with an amazing thought that it would be wonderful if Candyland were an actual place in which you could walk through the Candy Forest and meet all of the characters along the way.

As an adult that enjoys cocktails, I imagined walking through Candyland would be so much better if the characters handed you a libation based on their part of the forest.

For example,  Mr. Peppermint would give you some peppermint schnapps.


Genius, right? It’s like Candyland for grownups.

I then preceded to come up with cocktails for pretty much all the other characters in the Candyland game. 

The gum drop guy would hand you some vodka infused gummy bears.


Grandma Nut would give you an Amaretto Sour. ( Because she’s cool like that)


Gloppy would give you a delicious Mudslide.


Lollipop Princess would give you a loopy martini made with Three Olives Loopy, my personal favorite.


Queen Frostine would present you with a wonderful white russian topped with some alcoholic whipped cream. (I imagine her with an exotic accent.)


By the time you arrive at King Candys castle you will be drunk enough to enjoy simply dancing the night away at the awesome dance party that will be happening inside the castle.

Who wouldn’t want to experience all that in real life?
Besides probably people that don’t like to drink, haha.

As you can see, this became something so much bigger then an idea to simply take my mind off scary movie characters.  I thought of an entire storyline!

Alas, I did not dream about the wonderful world I imagined. Last night was one of the nights I didn’t remember my dreams. Darn it all. Maybe another time.

-Do you ever create elaborate stories in your head and wish it was something real? Im sure we all do this.

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MIMM: Obsession

Hello blog lovers!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

It’s Marvelous in my Monday hosted by the lovely Katie.
I know we enjoyed it over here. We were pretty lazy yesterday other then a nice long walk on the beach in the afternoon.


It was finally sunny out for once, this past week has been gloomy, cold and rainy.

Other then the walk, our weekend was pretty consumed by our latest obsession.


Has anyone ever seen this show? Addicting!! A friend of mine told me how awesome it is and was shocked that I’ve never seen it before.  Well needless to say he was right and the hubby and I are really enjoying it. We are already half way through season 2. If you have Netflix I highly recommend checking this series out.

Along with a leisure Sunday of watching Lost, I decided to do a little baking after reading a post on Ashley’s website. Healthy Banana Bread! I love a good banana bread recipe and it just so happened I was planning to make some soon. So seeing this recipe on Sunday morning sparked my interest and it turned out wonderfully. We demolished that bread in no time.


That’s just a mini loaf I made to test out new mini loaf pan’s I received for Christmas, but I also made a full sized loaf. I love topping banana bread with my favorite peanut butter. White Chocolate Wonderful by PB&Co. Sooo delicious!

-Any shows that you are obsessed with?

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